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Storybook Project Plan

The main idea that I would like to explore for my stories is something with Kali as a demon slayer, but have it be more modern. I think I would also overlap some of the other forms that Kali is, such as Durga. One of my favorite stories that I read about was the one where they decide to slay the demon Raktabija. I think the story that I would like to get across is on where Kali is not as menacing as she may seem, but more of a hero figure. I know that in lots of stories, she is seen as more frightening because she is so powerful, so I want to do a spin on that so the reader will see her in a different light. Additionally, I like modern retellings, so I might do something in today's society, but I also might consider doing something in the previous century, as I am very interested in that time period. I think I will do a story that connects and flows, as that is easier for me to do, and while I don't really have any specific stories that I would copy, I think that I would use d…

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